Thursday, September 23, 2010

Laundry Room Decor!

I absolutely LOVE they way these turned out!  I had this idea yesterday when I saw some really cute things at Hobby Lobby for my laundry room.  They were all between $15-$30 though and to me that's way too much money to spend on a sign to hang in your laundry room.  I figured an easier way to get what I want is to make my own sign that I can customize any way I want.  This particular time I did black and white to match my new ironing board cover.  Yes I'm a dork and bought a new ironing board cover just because.  No, I do not iron.  So what!  I loathe doing laundry... literally it's the last thing I ever get around to doing.  Basically only doing it when I'm forced to, when I'm out of clothes.  Regardless, I figure if I'm going to have to do it I might as well enjoy the laundry room while I'm in it!  

Here they are!

How I made them was super simple.  All the supplies were from Hobby Lobby, of course.  I bought two pieces of rectangle craft wood for $1.99 each.  Then the wooden letters were .99 cents a piece.  They have cheaper options but I loved the curly font so I went with those.  Then I bought a roll of sheer black and white polka dot ribbon for $1.99. So the total cost of this project was $13.00 for both signs!  

I spray painted the two boards white.  Next I spray painted all the letters black.  Once they were dry I used the hot glue gun to attach the letters to the boards and then added the ribbon for hanging.  Literally it was that simple!  I love these so much I want to make one for every room of my house now.  Just think of all the color combinations and sayings I can make plaques for.  It's never ending!