Monday, September 20, 2010

Very first post!

This is my first entry in what I hope to be a very successful blog.  If nothing else it will be a way for me to track my little creations and share them with the 3 people who may be interested now.  lol  I'm hoping that number will grow.  Shout out to Chad, Kristen and Mom!  Woo woo!

Anyhoo- I started out with a website about myself and added my portfolio that's consists only of my own home since that's the only thing I've managed to get before and after pics of.  I'm working on building that up now.

My goal is to post pics of my designs I come up with randomly.  I get these ideas to make things when I'm feeling crafty.  I also want to post before and after pics of homes I do of friends and particular rooms, etc.  Hopefully that will inspire others to make their homes just as beautiful and not spend a fortune while doing it!  Hence the name Dime Store Decor :)  I don't literally shop at dime stores unless Dollar Tree is considering one, then yes, I do.  However I do shop at outlet stores, yard sales, and discount stores and thought "Dime Store Decor" was a catchy little name so I went with it.  Hope you all like my posts and be on the look out for much more to come!

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